Dead Animal Zoo - Clear Creek PArk, PA

These photos were taken at the lovely little lumberjack museum located at Clear Creek State Park campsite near Brookville, Pennsylvania. Brookville is about twenty minutes north of infamous Punksatony, home of Phil the groundhog, and Clear Creek is about twenty minutes North of Brookville. I stayed there on my way to Chicago from New York; my choices came down to Clear Creek or the less appealing Mosquito Lake just West of the PA border in Ohio. I arrived at the campsite office after hours, so was forced to use the honor envelopes to fill out my info and pay for the campsite. However, as I was about to slip my envelope, into which I had placed maybe twelve dollars, the local fee during off season, a park ranger came by and let me into the office so that I might pay inside. I hadn't yet sealed the envelope, to my relief, otherwise she might have caught me trying to shirk full payment. She asked if I was a resident of PA, and for the sake of conversation I told her I was out here looking to maybe set up shop. Upon this news the ranger lady began telling me all about the area's artisans and the little community festivals they have and all the lovely local craft shops, and that I'd chosen a great place to make an artist's living, even. Although I was lying to her (I had no intention of finding a studio in the Pennsylvania Wilds), I'm happy I did so, as it strengthened our repore and I was able to think about what it would be like setting up shop in rural PA; pleasant and dull and no doubt tolerable for most. The camping was extraordinary, btw.