This is one of the twenty four graphs that have been produced through the analysis of data from the Box Game. David Horvitz and I, and our traveling companion Julianne, collected these answers while touring America, visiting places and playing our game with whosoever would have us. 

To read the graph: 
FREQUENCY is the number of times people voted for each response (the number of times each response was found in the box);

SIZE corresponds to a value between -10 and 10 that indicates how big or small the answer is, relative to the size of the box (which is at 0 on the size scale);

MATERIALITY corresponds to how conceptual/abstract (-10) or how real/concrete (10) the answer is, relative to the answer ANOTHER BOX (which is at 0 and was chosen because it occupies both a real possibility space for being in the box, and also the conceptual space of asking, or deferring the real towards a potential for having the game continue, as another box is an idea that requires another game, or another attempt, to answer what's in that box etc.)