ORDER your art show ONLINE!!

A unique space for art can be found at your local pharmacy photo lab, where you can pick up your art exhibition after ordering it online. This is another project that David Horvitz put together, and includes one photo from 24 different artists. Follow THIS LINK for more details. The show continues until Dec 6.


>Home Made FOSSILS pt 1: New Rocks?<

I have many new rocks I've made to give away;
expect one in a box this Christmas if you are my
friend and I see you or have your address.

I've also made new animal fossils, or one new fossil:
check back next week to see the fossil(s).

*(In Real life they are white, but thanks to the magic of camera they look dirty and really exciting. Expect, if you ever see them, to see something that looks different but still good.)


SO THIS GUY DIES, AND HE SEES ME AND SAys....(death on death stand up routine)

Performed three times on the 4th of October At the Polish Combatants Hall in Toronto. The camera operator is my brother: he is drunk, and I think he did a great job given that. Apologies to the hard-of-hearing and the easily bemused. This is death the amateur/neophyte comic, not Death the professional reaper of SOULS.



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