Sponge (A waterfall Enema)

The following is the journal entry that accompanied these images, which were taken by Chris Austin. The text was transcribed onto a wall in graphite, and the photos were hung next to it with tape:

On Sunday afternoon I spent two hours lying in a waterfall's flow in a missionary position, facing the strong current. The performance began when I climbed up the waterfall and tied a red line to a branch caught in the current. I climbed back down, found a large rock and placed in in the flow to act as a stop to keep me from being swept along by the current. I laid with my back to the rock and spread my legs, allowing the current to flow into my ass. I kept my hands cupped over my balls for the first fifteen minutes until they were numb enough to withstand the pounding of the current. I lifted my legs into the air every minute or so to test for exhaustion. After twenty minutes or so my back-rest-stop-rock was caught by the current and lost to the falls. I paused my enema to find another, heavier rock. The second rock did not slip. At around the thirty minute mark I began to shiver. At around the hour mark I lost a contact lense. When the sun dipped behind the trees my state quickly deteriorated, and I began to cramp heavily. At this point I felt my safety was becoming compromised, and I struggled out of the water and up the waterfall to tear the red line from its mooring. When I returned to my clothes I learned that just over two hours had passed since the beginning of the performance.


Ups and Downs: Three Up three down

Here's something: three sets of photographs from the top and bottom of elevations I conquered through my own locomotive skills, which paired together emphasize how vertical movement and turning around can quickly reorganize spatial considerations. I consider these shifts to be blunt, but perhaps you might think them more subtle? These were photographed at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, which is a fascinating place: natural splendor set against a sympathetic industrial background - consider visiting if you're in Gary. 



Can I Give You a Joke?!

By dipping an inch of paper into a coffee cup I was able to make 'coffee that makes paper look like a cigarette' novelty art souvenirs for mass dissemination yesterday. I made them specifically for the Printer's Ball being held at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) here in my new temporary homeland of Chicago, but our Parisian house guests were making Peruvian-style rice and meat bowls for dinner and we ended up running too late to attend the event.

(Fake cigarette)

(Real cigarette)
(Fake cigarette pack. It holds 90 flat paper-coffee-cigarettes. If you would like a cigarette for free, or would like to buy a pack to give away for $30, please send address, money and return postage to: 

Lukas Geronimas Giniotis
1849 W. 17th St
Chicago, IL 60608)


Pinocchio Pinpenose Household Dilemma Extended

My friend David Horvitz and I decided to stave off boredom for an afternoon by staging a jailbreak (the jail being the Hessel Museum on Bard campus) for the Pinocchio costumes locked up to Paul McCarthy's video installation. We went to the museum with a note:
it read:

Using the photocopy machine installed at the Loompanics piece put together by Bik Van Der Pol, David and I photocopied a chapter out of a book telling us what to do if we get caught (the book was about stealing food, but we thought it could apply to this situation as well).
We put on the suits and watched McCarthy's video (which we had both previously watched) for a few minutes, then left the video room and handed the note explaining our intent to the attendant standing outside the video room. We shuffled through the museum at a normal pace until a security guard yelled 'hey there!' at which point we made a run for it! Into the lobby, where we startled another guard, and out the exit we scuffled as quick as we could with our big red plastic shoes on, but David was caught by the collar just outside the doors and sent to the ground by the guard's sturdy force.
I panicked as Pinocchio might when his buddy gets took down, and we were led back into the museum and stripped of our suits. We referred to the photocopied manual during their strip-down and denied the whole thing. They accepted our denial and told us to leave. Luckily by accident we got away with a pair of white Pinocchio gloves, which now hang as souvenirs somewhere in our storage boxes.Luckier even still, our friends Lisa, Chris and Anita documented the escape, and now you can watch the fun over and over on YouTube. Yipah!


Three Drawings

These three drawings are on display at

L Street
gallery in San Fransisco for another week or so.
They are all 16x16 inches, india ink on paper. I sort of consider them as
spatial training exercises, and also as landscapes of the inside of living