Can I Give You a Joke?!

By dipping an inch of paper into a coffee cup I was able to make 'coffee that makes paper look like a cigarette' novelty art souvenirs for mass dissemination yesterday. I made them specifically for the Printer's Ball being held at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) here in my new temporary homeland of Chicago, but our Parisian house guests were making Peruvian-style rice and meat bowls for dinner and we ended up running too late to attend the event.

(Fake cigarette)

(Real cigarette)
(Fake cigarette pack. It holds 90 flat paper-coffee-cigarettes. If you would like a cigarette for free, or would like to buy a pack to give away for $30, please send address, money and return postage to: 

Lukas Geronimas Giniotis
1849 W. 17th St
Chicago, IL 60608)