Canada Now was the very last exhibition ever, as well as the very last HISTORICAL art exhibition of 2008. It included a collection of photocopied artworks stapled to a wall curated by Niall McClelland and I, and works by Robin Cameron and Jeremy Jansen. Super Exciting, here are the images and the nearly-illegible postcard:

press release - Urgency is the tone set by this impromptu exhibition opening and closing New Years Eve 2008 at the outdoor Winter Gallery project space located in the burgeoning cultural community of Toronto's Little Portugal. A Xerographic Historical Survey of Canadian Art from the Toronto Reference Library Book Collection, curated by Niall McClelland and Lukas Geronimas, will be on display along with swiftly realized works by Jeremy Jensen and Robin Cameron. This is the world's very last comprehensive historical art event for the 2008 calender year. Please refer to the invitation below for further details and a complete list of included artists.