Death in the Family

At 11:11pm this evening, our favorite little cat Sabine was taken to some other place (she died), and her special little face and her happy little whiskers became none but accessories to a quickly stiffening corpse. As ineffective as it might seem to use your tongue as a primary means of cleaning yourself, I've recently come to the conclusion that it works. works well (for animals). I don't think Sabine had had the capacity to continue licking herself for the past few days as her health declined, and thus she bore the stench of demise well before she expired in earnest. Below are some images of our family's funerary preparations, although Sabine's remains will not be committed to the earth until tomorrow afternoon. Those who remember her will do so with a smile; those who never got to pet her, rest assured that she was much cuter than your cat. No joke. Was she the cutest cat ever? Possibly, but eternity is a long time, and time has run out for our little short-haired tabby.


Why not eh?