Birds Of The World

This is an example of one of the pages of my next small publication, which incorperates the pseudo-science of collage with the pseudo-science of wit and humour. I will post more of these as they are created. I'm not sure how you'll be able to get your hands on a copy of this book once it is published, but we can figure that out when the time draws near. The distortions here are done on the photocopier, not on the computer. A comparative note: I have yet to visit the Main Manhattan branch of the New York Public Library (of Ghostbusters fame), but the Central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library makes meager effort to provide its visitors with comfortable photocopying space. Their copiers pale in comparison to the Toronto Refence Library's quick-zoomng, feature-packed xerographic workhorses. I hope Manhattan's main branch can provide for me what I require, else I'm bound to find my way to Toronto a little more often than what's obliged by family and friends.