The Gaze

Here it is, captured in greys! I know who these people are, but you don't, until you read the next post down and sleuth it out. The fact that you don't know makes it an interesting photo, and the fact that you will find out (which will ruin the distance required to look at the photo successfully, making it less interesting), means that this is a special moment for you. Enjoy the ephemera.


Lake Michigan Shoreline

Fighting Show Images

I did not put any images of our recent Fighting show up on this blog. Here are a select few now. The show turned out great, and it is still up until the beginning of November. Go see the show, and buy something - the framed pieces are pretty as, well, pretty as pictures.

(You can see more images on the Fecal Face site, under the guest blogs section, and also at the OKOK Gallery site).


Ghost Book/Scroll - Canadians Dead in Afghanistan

This is the fully extended scroll version of a large book I produced a while ago. It is about 25 feet (8 meters) long, or possibly even longer. Each ghost is a representation of a Canadian soldier who fell between the war's onset and the time production began on the book. I think this interpretation I've provided is supposed to bring light to a solemn situation which requires attention, but not in a reactionary manner. Nothing's sacred though, eh.