NEW Piece #1 - UhOH!

I just got some images of a few new works, models, that I've been making. This is the Uh OH Box, or the Color Confessional... which side are you going to choose? This is choice outside logic, this is art choice. Choose wisely, or don't choose if you don't feel like it, its a free fucking country, man (1/10th scale). this is a box, but it is not the box game - www.boxgame.org [more on that later...


Look what my Friends have Done

Lo and behold I learned this morning that, without my knowledge, three of my poster pieces were tacked up at the Winter Gallery in Toronto and touted as my First Solo show. My first Solo show was in a hotel room, and also there's a strange wiki out there that I've attached below with other information about my biography. Thank you Jeremy and Niall probably too, and third poster owner (images stolen from Jeremy).