Process - Hermaphrodite Corpse

This corpse I am just about finished sculpting is one part of a larger work I am in the process of putting together. I thought it interesting enough to post by its lonesome. It is a mummified, corpsified androgynous figure, built out of a material called castilene (medium hardness). The final version will be cast in plastic and colored with graphite, and it will have a nice head of hair I think. The hermaphrodite corpse is, for me, kind of a symbol of a maximum entropic human state, which is going to help level the work into which it will be incorperated.

Complementary Constructions - Isreal Series.

Another series of add-on paintings, this time consisting of selected pages revolving around the holy spear of the Mid-east: Moderen-day Zion. The age of the pages might not translate to the scanned image, but know that the pages look old, and that the transparent watercolors and ink I used to place my optical 'comments' are fitting. Framed and placed on a wall, these pieces look very good (framed and placed on a wall, everything looks good; the quantifiable measure of comparison is found in 'very').


Burning Down the House

This photograph of a smoking pumpkin was taken after I had completed filming a video bit incorperating the 'fire on fire' pumpkin and some plexiglass with a patch of dialogue from the film "This is England" by Shane Meadows. After taking this shot, the cord attached to the light behind the pumpkin caught fire and extinguished the light, and now, along with the smoky aroma of charred pumpkin and burnt newspaper, the air in my studio carries a darting hint of immolated electrical conduit.

Happy Thanksgiving.