Jawbone Study Collage

This is a collage consisting of a number of old cromagnon and ape jawbones reproduced in a number of mediums, staged within the spread of a book. The book is still intact (it's cover and pages are still attached, although a number of pages have been cut out to reduce bulk), which has allowed me to cut away to reveal hidden things found on underlying pages, and also the hardcover provides some rigidity. This book is now something of a frankenstein - it is mangled, but it's alive.


Complementary Constructions - Mountains Series.

A while back, while preparing collages which went unused for our show at OKOK Gallery, I decided to add colour, line and form to a title page that already looked very nice, as I felt I could add to the design and give it a new life. It turned out looking kind of beautiful, so I recently decided to further explorr this process. My first series of these 'Spring Drawings' (since they are once again fresh and lively pages of dormant imagery) consists of seven works - three of which are black and white. I did my best to make them look, well, really complimentary, and I had fun doing it. Any comments?


OKOK Gallery Opening tonight

We're having a show tonight - Niall and I - Fighting.
I wrote something nicer but the stupid computer was
being a grade A asshole. Fuck.

OkOk Gallery
5107 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle America

Sat Sept 8th, Opening 6-10 pm.

Ok great.