Sponge (A waterfall Enema)

The following is the journal entry that accompanied these images, which were taken by Chris Austin. The text was transcribed onto a wall in graphite, and the photos were hung next to it with tape:

On Sunday afternoon I spent two hours lying in a waterfall's flow in a missionary position, facing the strong current. The performance began when I climbed up the waterfall and tied a red line to a branch caught in the current. I climbed back down, found a large rock and placed in in the flow to act as a stop to keep me from being swept along by the current. I laid with my back to the rock and spread my legs, allowing the current to flow into my ass. I kept my hands cupped over my balls for the first fifteen minutes until they were numb enough to withstand the pounding of the current. I lifted my legs into the air every minute or so to test for exhaustion. After twenty minutes or so my back-rest-stop-rock was caught by the current and lost to the falls. I paused my enema to find another, heavier rock. The second rock did not slip. At around the thirty minute mark I began to shiver. At around the hour mark I lost a contact lense. When the sun dipped behind the trees my state quickly deteriorated, and I began to cramp heavily. At this point I felt my safety was becoming compromised, and I struggled out of the water and up the waterfall to tear the red line from its mooring. When I returned to my clothes I learned that just over two hours had passed since the beginning of the performance.