Fathme Euro Tour Poster

This is the Fathme Records European Tour Poster Niall McClelland and I drew just recently, although I think it is going to be a t-shirt and not a poster. If you are not familiar with Break Core music, then I think you are missing out on some heavy duty shit. Eustachian is a prime example of this genre which takes all the things you might hold sonically sacred and vomits atop them in most acidic and crudely potent a manner, stabbing your eardrums with little remorse and turning your notion of rhythm directly headward to a disonant maelstrom, and all with a grin and a wink. There are children in Spain who are compiling a book on the subject as we speak, and Niall and I have been kindly asked to contribute a portfolio, as much of our grotesque imagery, particularly the work we've done for Fathme, is visually complimentary to the Break Core sound.
Scares me