Sublime Depths

You might not know what this is a picture of, but rest assured it is a picture of something. It's not a composite; it was taken from above the water tank I had created for the large sculpture I made for my open studio - A suitcase was lined in black material and attached to a 30 gallon aquarium, inside which was suspended a National Geographic magazine (attached with invisible wire to the Bottom of the suitcase), and that magazine was opened to the spread in the photo above, of an Arctic Canadian Park. When the piece was completed, inside the circular hole you see before you sat a weighted pickle jar full of rusty and clean nails, onto which was attached a 1/5th scale black corpse cast of polyurethane, so this particular view was never on public display. But I think it was a view worth noting. Someday hopefully someone will set it as their wallpaper; that is my dream.