Poem: The Seduction of Captain Hamm

This is a very good poem; it is a tragic ode to the capitulation and resulting emasculation of a most revered leader, told by a lowly but sexually charged gay Able Seaman (Second lowest rank in the old time navy):

The Seduction of Captain Hamm

Yes Oh Captain!
Oh my Captain
Whose sails pregnant
Take us South

I've browned my neck
Took hand to Deck
Bled through to please
Your supple mouth

A brazen brine
Would taste as wine
Were captain's blessing
Brought to cup

A swollen stew
The god's own brew
Were Captain's river
Summed with sup

Have at thine self
For higher shelf
The triden't spires
Hardly reach

Have at thine heart
for heaven's art
your crossing hands
confiding preach

But have at me
and feel the sea
as moves within
a charg'ed nother

And have at mine
For clouds divine
Your moment as
A common brother

Yes oh captain
Oh my man!
Whose power lost
With harbored lust

Thine legs are gone
and sails are long
And North, true North's
Relieved of trust.