Map of Eternia

There is a fictional far-away place called Eternia, a realm of magic and wonder, that lies at the center (roughly) of the known universe. It's inhabitants are a very concise microcosm of all things living carbon and breathing something in the universe. It is the planet where the saga of the ever-popular He-Man cartoon series takes place. It was created by Mattel.

Here I've produced a map of Eternia's Light and Dark Hemispheres from the facts and figures I found online, in episode guides and on the Eternia Wiki. The piece was made for a Masters of the Universe charity Art Show happening here in Toronto on the 29th of March at Magic Pony, 694 Queen street West, and although you won't be able to bid on the original work (this guy is like 60 inches wide and 70 long), you can bid on one of ten prints of the map that are a more manageable size (24"x28"). All proceeds go to the Sick Kids Foundation (Sick Children's hospital, by the way, is one of Toronto's most amazing architectural gems. It is THE place you want to go if you're a sick kid anywhere, especially if you dig Harry Potter - it's almost a castle). I think the show starts around 7pm. It costs money to go, which I don't approve of, but I think it goes to charity too.

I have never been more certain than anything in my enter life than the fact that, were this theme-show not about Masters of the Universe, during the course of my long life I would not have created or ever considered creating a detailed map of Eternia.