Paranoia Poster

This is a strange one, and you will see it in the Graves zine section of our Fighting website, which will be updated shortly. I think it's supposed to feel old, and a little unnerving, although the rhetorical tongue-in-cheek quality of the text gives the photograph more of a modern, college poster fair sort of flair (if you can call that sort of thing 'flair'). And I guess that's what satisfied me about this piece - that it could act very well as a large glossy poster in a dorm room next to a che poster, a vintage beer add and some other freshman wallpaper that completes the stereotype. This is an altered image, by the way - the shadow man was digitally added to the very dim shot of the hallway in my old apartment. I felt a presence, though, while looking at this photograph of my hall after I'd taken it, if that's any consolation.