Food Pyramid Cont'd

Yes, here is the still-life photograph of my food pyramid, accompanied by a completed illustration of said pyramid, and process scans of the food groups piling atop one another as they are inked. The food in the photograph is real; once the shoot was complete, four of us (Jeremy, who brought the lights and equipment, was accompanied by his girlfriend Sarah, and my roomate Keith Jones, squared the group) dismantled the posed comestibles and ate them in a fashion attributed to homeric or Baroque times - as gluttons starving of manner but making ourselves full nonetheless; hands covered in sauce, eyes bigger than saucers. If you are ever interested in an interactive feast that's not normal and a castle of fun, prepare a meal that's got good representation from all food groups and lay it out a la nu, without plates or decorative elements, and eat with blatant disregard to inhibition. I found it to be more exotic than pickled squid and beetles in a lot of ways.