Excerpt: Boxmaker's Book

Here's a pair of pages (the only finished pages really) of a little childrens book I started a while ago and am planning to complete in the future, when I feel it's time to sit down and write some gushingly adorable little titbits about the silly characters I've named 'boxmakers' - it's a literal sort of name, as not only do they look like boxes (which, unfortunately, is perhaps a little too similar to old Spongebob), but they also make boxes and work in a box factory. Now, this physical resemlance to lifestyle and trade is nothing new; we see it all the time: blacksmiths are brawny and sooted, post officers are either thin as a letter or fat as a sac, and milkmen are reknowned for their virility. When you look in the mirror, do you resemble your profession? If not, you should either consider a change of office or consider the ramifications of never being typecast.