Our friends at Fathme records have commissioned Niall McClelland and I to do their next ten album covers and backs, which is alright by me, as they are always over-the-top gnarly and fun to make. Here is the back of Vankmen's new album "Carpathian Death Rights". Now, Carpathia is not a real place, although it certainly sounds real, and Ghostbusters II gave it real evil conotations. There is a mountain chain called the Carpathian Mountains that runs through Romania, Poland and the Ukraine, but these mountains are about half the height of their neighbour Alps, and are barely evil, save for their ominous cragginess. The Romanians get a bum rap for being evil, but it's only because they look like they've been wrought from the dark stone of the Earth's mantle, and because they don't smile a lot.