NERO Magazine

Nero magazine is a free publication you can find in Italy. Niall Mclelland and I had a chance to do some illustrations for them, as well as the cover for their new issue. It's got a some sort of elegant brute design style that's very appealing. you can download the entire magazine online, here. If you can read Italian, then you're in for a treat. If not, you really don't need to spend much time browsing through the magazine, as the majority of the words are in a language you won't (and I don't) understand. Not understanding a language is a bonus perhaps if you're a cynic and are sure that, were you able to follow the content, you'd be dissapointed (this is common and more factually true than cynically biased when it comes to song lyrics. Take, for example, any foreign-language band in the history of rock and roll). Below is one of the type treatments I did for the magazine.