Department(Store) - SAIC

There is a Show going on right now at the School of the Art Institute Sullivan galleries that is a game involving like a hundred and more of these really nice classic display cases, where anyone can apply for and receive a case and put whatever they want in it, and then the cases move around and touch each other and you're able to move your stuff into other people's cases if they touch, and it's great. J. Morgan Puett is the artist's name who has organized the show, and above you can see my case, which is an interactive case: Free drawings of Cigarettes and Signatures (head to my Picasa web albums to see all the drawings), a change x-change, and a really amazing book to look at, is what's inside my case. Below are a few other cases I took pictures of, including my friend and fellow MFA student (although now she's graduated) Julia Klein (directly below).