This month's work: A concise Description

In preparation for my exhibition which opens on May 11th, a two-man show with Niall McClelland at le gallery in Toronto, I have been spending the past number of months, and this month in earnest, producing work for this exhibition. The work isn't being shown on this blog, but here is one page out of roughly 650 that I have painted of specific groups of people who have died in specific conflicts over a specified period of time. For the coming show, I have painted portraits of Iraqi Civilians who died violently during the month of October, 2006; coalition casualties between the onset of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and the end of 2006, and Canadian soldiers who perished in Afghanistan since our forces arrived a few years ago to help out. The first two volumes have been compiled into books and will be for sale shortly. The above image is from the books; the real life ghosts are painted on craft paper, so the paper is brown.