Art at Receiver Gallery, SF

San Francisco's Receiver Gallery, located at 1415 Valencia st. and open from 10-6 during the week, is showing work by a number of artists that collaborate with Vancouver-based Lifetime Collective. Among these artists are myself, Niall McClelland, Ben Tour, Humanfive, Joseph Hart and Ryan Wallace. Above is one of the pieces the I have in the show (it's similar to a work I had posted a while ago, and is a theme I plan on exploring in the future). I pretty much just framed and sent away some of the ink drawings I've done over the past while, and I hope they don't come back. Also, Kurt Vonnegut is no longer with us, so that's a shame, although I don't think he cares all that much anymore. If I were, for some unimaginably akward and unfitting reason, to speak at his funeral, I would say: "Well, I never met him, but I liked his books".