Africa Bike

This is a bit of a strange one - it's Africa, separated into its politically defined pieces and colored to look fun! I'm not sure why this was the only way I could think of drawing a map of Africa, and why I've ended up drawing two maps in as many months, when I've never before been required to employ my previously dormant preternaturally savvy cartographic skills (that's pushing it a bit, huh?). The bike is there beside/below the map because people in Africa - Senegal specifically - can now get a bike from Kona through an organization Kona has set up that takes donations and manufactures bikes, not-for-profit, made special for African village conditions , and Niall McClelland and I get to do a shirt to celebrate the effort. This is not the completed shirt, but it is the graphic element I put together to which Niall will add his whimsied Irish flair.

I just realized after first publishing this post that I definately chose the colors in this map because they were successful in my food pyramid illustration. I did not realize the similarity in their palette until seeing them near one another. This sort of undersight can lead to some disastrously redundant choices if not discovered quickly. Thank goodness for our ability to recognise patterns.