Half of this half-drawn half-traced illustration has already been added to this blog, but the whole thing's much nicer. The issue of PSNCTRL that this will be appearing in is all about "Fame and Misfortune" - media frenzy, subjectivity donning the costume of factual facsimile et al, so I decided to use ink to build a Populoray that shoots dense dense lasers of media into the monstrous maws of the masses. The control panel on the ray tower allows for a choice between a number of themes of output; here's the list of choices: violence, violcence, terrorism (which is different than straight broadbased violence), breach, fear, fear, sports, sports, crime (which is often violent), gossip, gossip, violence, celebrity, celebrity, celebrity, fortune, fortune, gossip and violence. This list is probably just as subjective as anyone else's, and perhaps this is just one of many ray towers that shoot content at the public, as there are in fact many more topics available in the news than the ones I've put in the list. BUT, my list is more poignant, and also mindlessly reactive, which is a bad thing, but people like that sort of thing, and I was being lazy. The news does provide rays of hope often enough, and I hope that every news story's silver lining is that its audience will learn something as a result of their time spent absorbing its content.