The "Inked Collage" Debunked

When you take a nice bunch of things and put them together and make a wonderful collage out of them, it's great. And then when you ink that collage using a pen and a light table and you're imagination to connect the muddy bits, then it's even greater! This is what I like to call an "Inked Collage", sort of a fancified name for a tracing. If you remember the character Jason Lee plays in Chasing Amy, then you might remember that he makes a big fuss about his job as an "inker" and how his skill plays a hugely integral role in the aesthetic of the comic, and it's true. However, there are less things to concentrate on when you're tracing, and you can do things much faster, and you can't call a tracing a drawing, though you can call it art. And a hundred years from now (or tomorrow for that matter) no one really gives shits and nickels as long as they like how it looks. I still don't like tracing, but it is often the most efficient way to achieve your result (and that's the bait - use it to acheive greater efficiency, not to acheive figuartive accuracy you'd not otherwise be able to achieve, and you'll swim clear of any of those Fraud anglers' hooks).