This is a clock, which is very badly designed by the way - it is a wall clock with a plug - but it was given to me to paint for a useless art show, and the proceeds go to charity, so both the designer of the clock and I have done a good thing. In fact, the designer of the clock sent one of these time boxes to a great many artists, thus despite his lack of oversight regarding the impractical design (which I'm sure was a result of budgetary constraints), he has done a very good thing. You can do a good thing too, by purchasing one of these clocks, or by donating your time or money to any one of the vast number of registered charity organizations that work very hard to keep people out of harm's way. Don't have a bake sale or go collecting door to door though; you'd be better off working a day and giving the money you'd earn to your favorite cause, and you wouldn't be having so much fun. Charity isn't supposed to be fun; it's supposed to be satisfying. Hard work is satisfying. Having a laugh and raising a couple bucks is nice, but it's kind of self-serving, right? Maybe not; maybe people can have fun and be charitable all at the same time. Do want you think best, but try and understand why you're doing it. I painted coloured shapes on this clock because I thought it would look pretty. That's the only reason why I painted these shapes. They are meaningless in so far as prettiness is meaningless. I'm sure you can find meaning in pretty things, but I'd be wary to dig an inch.